Ordering Books

rocksWe’re already getting enquiries about how to purchase the FROM THIS PLACE Book and we’re pleased to announce that the official launch of the book will be on the first day of spring – Friday 1 September from 7pm at the Upper Yarra Arts Centre.

We will however be pre-selling our book via a Pozible campaign that will kick off Monday 5 June, so please like our FB page or subscribe to RSS feeds from this site to be kept up to date! The Pozible campaign link is here.

A quote we love

I’ve just finished reading an amazing book – and recent winner of the Stella Prize. This passage of text really spoke to us as capturing the essence of our stories.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 10.39.14 amArt did not stop, that’s what Marina had said. Art did not get to five o’clock and say, “That’s it, the day is done. Go think about TV or making dinner.  It wasn’t like that. It was there all the time: when you were chopping vegetables, talking with a friend, reading a newspaper, listening to music, having a party. It was always there offering suggestions, wanting you to go write or draw, sing or play. Wanting you to imagine big things, to connect with an audience to use energy, to find energy. It wasn’t ready when you were, it didn’t come when you wanted it or leave when you were done. It took its time. It was often late or slow or not what you had in mind. 

Heather Rose, The Museum of Modern Love, Allen and Unwin, 2016, pp 178.

Winner of the Stella Prize 2017


_S6A1612Welcome to the From This Place official website.

We are so heartened by the response so far to this project, and we are excited to share with you the unfolding nature of our work as we meet and are touched by the inspiring women we encounter  along the way.

Angela Rivas and Lindy Schneider