Artist Lucy Pierce writes about our book

Lucy worksI spent a beautiful few hours this morning in this incredible house built by the most amazing woman, Sioux Dollman, doing some promotion for the book From This Place- Inspiring Women Artists of the Upper Yarra Valley, a book by the gorgeous Angela Rivas and Lindy Schneider. As we spoke I realised why I love being a part of this project so much. It’s all about celebrating women, creativity and community, three of my favourite things.
And I feel these are all qualities our world is so hungry for, all vital ingredients in the co-creation of a new paradigm for our people on this earth. When I see the passion, determination, ferocious will and profound creativity that Sioux Dollman has conjured to create this exquisite living-sculpture of a home, I feel that when woman is in her full creative power, she can move mountains. And together, celebrating the vital essence of our capacity to create beauty and truth, we can build a world worth passing on to our children. It is here at this revelatory threshold of our creativity and our capacities to nourish and sustain ourselves and one another, that the necessary visions will birth themselves to initiate the miracle of our salvation from the current crisis of our kind.
So while it’s true that this book is centred on our small regional location, I feel it is deeply relevant to a much wider field, as we collectively learn how to celebrate, cultivate and enshrine a culture which can be a fertile container for the arts and our creative capacities to become more than what we currently know ourselves to be.
In the process of watching this book unfold, I think many of us involved now feel ourselves to be more than we were before the witness and celebration it has offered to our role as creative practitioners. May that magic spread.
If you’d like to take a deeper look into the lives and creative practices of 13 inspiring women artists, there’s a week left on the pozible campaign to pre-order a book.…/from-this-place-book-exhibition-1

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